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Improving communication for people with hearing loss, their family and friends

Controlling the environment: Some specific situations

Let's look at some specific situations:


Select restaurants with good lighting, less noise and soft furnishings. Ask for a quiet table when you book - consider avoiding peak times. Sit away from noise such as the kitchen, and aim for a well-lit quiet corner away from wall speaker, for example a soft cushioned booth.

While it might feel frustrating to move to a quieter position in the restaurant, this can make communication easier for everyone.

Supermarkets and buildings with loops

Look out for the loop sign. Encourage use when in supermarkets, banks, theatres, churches and stations.


Turn the radio and ventilation fans off or down to a minimum to reduce noise. A person who wears hearing aids could try turning off their hearing aid which is away from the side someone is speaking.

Video: Play the clip below.